The YESS Summer School Bari, Italy (July 2019, 15th – 26th)

After the successful event “Mobilizing the Start-up Ecosystem of Epirus” (Ioannina, April 3rd) and YESS Startup Bootcamp (Ioannina, May 11th – 19th), the Interreg YESS Project ( intends to transfer knowledge and best practices to young people in order to provide the useful tips and to spark challenges on developing business ideas.

The YESS Summer School (July 2019, 15th – 26th) was a unique opportunity for the students participated to meet BARI (ITALY) professionals, businessmen and academics that helped them to figure out how to innovate in the fields of Blue Growth, Design, e-Health, Tourism, Social Innovation and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Young students (18-22 years) from both Greece and Italy, joined YESS Summer School, in order to build innovative knowledge and skills about mentioned subjects, and facilitate fruitful cultural exchanges among a variety of actors coming from different areas, including representatives from the academia, the public and private sectors, but also potential funders and investors.

The workshops focused on the following topics:

Digital transformation: tools and strategy

Big Data, Open Data & Analytics

Innovation: Management & Strategy

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Selection Results of the Greek Candidates for the YESS Summer School!



The Interreg YESS consortium would like to thank you for your interest in the  YESS – Young Entrepreneurship Startup School Project!

The following candidates have been selected to participate in the  Summer School (July 2019, 15th – 26th)  in BARI (ITALY):

  1. Anastasouli Myrsini
  2. Athanasiou Michail
  3. Balatsa Agapi
  4. Gkoumplia Ioanna
  5. Katsoli Dimitra Maria
  6. Lappas-Kostopoulos Solon
  7. Prashar Karan
  8. Skapinakis Adamantios
  9. Stavrou Nikolaos
  10. Vassi Konstantina

Reserve list

  1. Lolos Konstantinos
  2. Dasoula Maria Georgia
  3. Patsitos Stavros
  4. Sotiropoulou Soumela
  5. Tsimpoukas Konstantinos

(In case of an empty place, candidates from the reserve list will be called).

Not selected

  1. Bellos Christodoulos
  2. Theofilopoulos Andreas

Selected applicants must provide the soonest possible and not later than July 3, 2019, 12.00 (Greek time) the filled-in and signed acceptance form (Annex 5) to:  or

with the following subject: “ACCEPTANCE YESS SUMMER SCHOOL”.

If the Acceptance is not received by that time, we will consider that the candidate is not participating in the Summer Camp. 

At last we would like to thank all candidates for their participation. We would like to work with every each of you however due to limited positions we had to select the most prominent ones! Stay tuned as more events and actions are coming in our project!

P.S. Italian candidates will be announced soon!


Applications for the YESS Summer School

Hurry up! Applications for the YESS Summer School in Italy are now open!


Interreg YESS is featured on EBAN!

The Interreg YESS project has been featured in the European Business Angels Network (EBAN) website! You may check the post here! EBAN posts have huge visibility through due to their established membership network with thousands of investors & networks of excellence. (more…)

Awareness Seminar about “Youth Entrepreneurship” at MENSA Patras

The ERFC team on 31 of May, 2019 visited the MENSA Patras for an inspiring Youth Entrepreneurship seminar  in the frame of the Interreg YESS Awareness Campaign for U-21 Youth Communities. (more…)

1st Call for Innovative ideas – YESS Startup Bootcamp

The Interreg YESS Project ( after the successful event “Mobilizing the Start-up Ecosystem of Epirus” that took place in Ioannina on April 3rd, is moving to the next step with the YESS Startup Bootcamp. The training bootcamp will help you to shape your business idea and develop your business model. In general terms we will help you to mature your idea in multiple levels towards a successful startup! If you have an idea or you are shaping a startup with your friends and you are working in the fields of Blue Growth, Design, e-Health, Tourism, Social Innovation and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) you are invited to join this opportunity completely free!
Interreg YESS Project will give priority to startups coming from the regions of Epirus, Ionian Islands and Western Greece.


Interreg YESS on the Press!

The recent event “Mobilizing the Startup Ecosystem of Epirus in Ioannina” that was held in Ioannina on 3 of April 2019 attracted the attention of the local media.

Please find below a series of posts and a video from the news from local press. (more…)

The Interreg YESS Dissemination Event in Epirus reached nearly 16.000 people!

The dissemination event of Interreg YESS project “Mobilizing the Startup Ecosystem of Epirus in Ioannina” that took place in Ioannina, on 03 April 2019 was a great success promoting synergies across different actors of Epirus and inspired more than 120 youth people to dive into entrepreneurship & startups. You may read more about our event here.
In order to reach to such success, behind the scenes the whole ERFC team worked day and night for over 2 months! As a result the Facebook campaign reached to nearly 16.000 people as shown below!!! (more…)

Mobilizing the Startup Ecosystem of Epirus in Ioannina

In the frame of Interreg YESS project ERFC organized on Wednesday, 3 April 2019 in the Conference Centre “Karolos Papouias” of the University of Ioannina the dissemination event with title “Mobilizing the Startup Ecosystem of Epirus”.

The event was a big success!!! It gathered the participation of more than 120 people and 30 speakers!!

Initially, key facilitators provided welcome remarks including Prof. Triantafyllos Albanis (Rector of University of Ioannina), Mr. Thomas Bengas (Mayor of Ioannina), Mr. Marco Della Puppa (General Secretary of Greek-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki) and Nikolas Petropoulos (President of ERFC). (more…)

2nd Steering Committee Meeting in Ioannina

The 2nd Steering Committee  & Technical Meeting of the project ‘Young Entrepreneurs Startup School – YESS” was organized by ERFC, in Ioannina, Greece, on 01-02/04/2019. All partners were present and discussed the evolution of the project so far and the next steps that should be undertaken. (more…)

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