Chamber of Aetoloakarnania


Chambers are mandatory Unions of traders, industrialists, craftsmen and professionals who operate within the District of each Chamber that is the Prefecture. They are legal entities offering consulting services to the state and they have decentralized administrations designated by the state. They also carry out advisory work through the participation of their representatives in various committees and boards. They study the problems affecting the economy of the region, always acting within the general interests of the state with the ultimate goal of developing and assisting private initiative. Chambers are also responsible for the observance of GEMI and the One Stop Service.


Mr Panagiotis Tsihritzis – President


53 Papastratou & Smirnis, 30131 Agrinio


Tel: 26410 74500
Fax: 26410 22590


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit


Date published

February 9, 2019