Technology And Strength Of Materials Lab – University of Patras


Mechanics & Aircraft Engineers

Offered Services

  • Services in the field of mechanical testing of materials
  • Specialized services for the analysis and strength of structural parts and structures
    to industry and productive organizations.
  • In particular, the following tests are offered in the field of mechanical testing of test materials:
    • tensile test
    • compression test
    • bending test
    • buckling test
    • fatigue test,
    • shearing test,
    • impact test,
    • Creep test,
    • hardness test,
    • Accelerated tests
      corrosion etc.

Note: The Laboratory is an accredited Audit and Certification Body from the ESYD
in accordance with ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025 for mechanical tensile and fatigue tests
metallic materials (under number 798 / ESYD).
More information on the services provided can be found on the site: http://ltsm.mead. upatrα el/page/certification_tests


Technical thermodynamics, Structural materials in fire conditions


Contact Person – Scientific Director

Prof. S. Panteleakis

Tel: 2610-969498



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Date published

February 27, 2019