Testing Center Of Technical Thermodynamics, Reaction Tests In Fire – University of Patras


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Offered Services

  • Tests and measurements for the reaction of structural materials to fire by the Cone Calorimetry Method.
  • Measured properties include:
    • Heat release rate,
    • Smoke production rate,
    • Rate of mass loss,
    • Ignition time,
    • Production of CO and CO2

Note: The Laboratory of Thermodynamics is Accredited by the ESYD in accordance with the Standard
ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025 (Accreditation Certificate under No. 637) for testing and
Measurements for Reaction of Structural Materials to Fire by Cone Calorimetry Method
in accordance with ISO 5660 test standards.


Technical thermodynamics, Structural materials in fire conditions



Contact Person – Scientific Director

Prof. Th. Panidis

Tel: 2610-997242

Email: panidis@michopatras.gr


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Date published

February 27, 2019