Unit Of Special Biological Analyzes – University of Patras



Offered Services

  • Specific biochemical analyzes as follows:
    1. Detection of oligoclonal antibodies in CSF.
    2. Detection of serum oligoclonal antibodies.
    3. Detection of GM1 IgG autoantibodies against gangliosides.
    4. Detection of ganglioside IgG IgG autoantibodies.
    5. Detection of GM3 IgG autoantibodies against gangliosides.
    6. Detection of IgG GD1a anti-ganglioside autoantibodies
    7. Detection of GD1b IgG anti-ganglioside autoantibodies.
    8. Detection of GT1b IgG anti-ganglioside autoantibodies.
    9. Detection of GG1b IgG anti-ganglioside autoantibodies.
    10. Detection of GM1 IgM autoantibodies against gangliosides
    11. Detection of GM2 IgM autoantibodies against gangliosides.
    12. Detection of GM3 IgM autoantibodies against gangliosides.
    13. Detection of GD1a IgM autoantibodies against gangliosides
    14. Detection of IgGM anti-ganglioside GD1b autoantibodies
    15. Detection of GT1b IgM anti-ganglioside autoantibodies.


Special Biocommunications (Multiple Sclerosis And Inflammatory Demyelinating Neuropathies Such As Multifocal Motor Neuropathy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome And Miller-Fisher Et Al.),  Quality control of medical devices, Education and training of personnel.



Contact Person – Scientific Director

Prof. Drainas

Tel: 2610-969127

Email:  drainas@med.upatras.gr


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Date published

February 27, 2019