The Interreg YESS Dissemination Event in Epirus reached nearly 16.000 people!

The dissemination event of Interreg YESS project “Mobilizing the Startup Ecosystem of Epirus in Ioannina” that took place in Ioannina, on 03 April 2019 was a great success promoting synergies across different actors of Epirus and inspired more than 120 youth people to dive into entrepreneurship & startups. You may read more about our event here.
In order to reach to such success, behind the scenes the whole ERFC team worked day and night for over 2 months! As a result the Facebook campaign reached to nearly 16.000 people as shown below!!!

Everyone at ERFC and consortium is proud of this event. It should be mentioned that nothing of this would happen without the precious support of the University of Ioannina that did everything in their power to support this event.

Except our primary target that was to attract the interest of as many people as possible, we managed to achieved our second target that was the participation of the youth as potential startuppers. We wanted the information about this event and the Interreg YESS project to reach to younger ages and as shown below we have achieved that in an adequate level.

Last but not least, for this event we were focusing in Epirus region, and more specifically in Ioannina, however due to the fact that we have invited speakers from all Greek Cross-Border regions, the event had views also from Patras and other regions.

Furthermore in order to accelerate the registration and the outreach processes we created an Eventbrite event where 56 free tickets were registered. Through Eventbrite a ticket is send to users email with a QR code included.

Stay tuned because this is only the start of a series of very important events of the Interreg YESS project!