Stelios Koutroubinas


Dr. Koutroubinas Stelios has 25 years of experience in Telecommunications and in embedded electronics systems design. An electrical engineer by training, he has accumulated vast experience in designing market competitive microelectronic products and developing high caliber engineering teams. Fresh from a PhD in electronics, Stelios spent 9 years at ATMEL, ending up as GM for their 140 person R&D division in Greece, where the team achieved major breakthroughs in WiFi chip design miniaturization for clients like Cisco, HP, 3COM and many OEMs. He went on to senior leadership roles at Bytemobile working on restructuring the group from a small test group to an independent R&D center with more than 50 employees. He is the author of 15 peer-reviewed papers and three patents. Since 2010 he is managing MEAZON AE that designs and produces innovative products for the Energy industry with customers worldwide. The contribution of these products in the energy digitization is disruptive.