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Greece & Italy share common challenges and needs for innovative solutions!

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We want to promote cross-border partnership for startups!

YESS (Young entrepreneurship Startup School) Project aims at creating the first Cross-Border (CB) incubator between Greece & Italy. Our aim is the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit and the incubation of new companies and the economic development of the regions. We are seeking for innovative start-ups mainly in the fields of tourism, design, blue growth and e-health. The incubator will provide most of its services both through physical and virtual environment

Startup Events

Find out the latest startup events in neighboring areas of both Italy & Greece.

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The ecosystem

Learn more about the key people, funds and organizations that evolve the startup ecosystem in Italy & Greece!

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Who we are

We are an international consortium of partners from Italy & Greece representing academia, business & society. View the team!

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Our Main Services

Get involved with YESS Incubation and receive a series of services offered for free!


Your startup will have the unique opportunity to meet key experts, mentors, funds, youth talents and exporters in Greece, Italy and other countries to discuss about potential synergies.


Gain the opportunity to advance your pitching skills to present your idea in front of Italian & Greek investors.


Our mentors have been entrepreneurs themselves and as such, have been able to challenge and help you further define your vision, strategy and roadmap.

Free Training

The YESS Platform will provide hours of training in key issues like pitching, digital marketing, business development and other. There are going to be organized webinars & bootcamps!

More Product Development

The on-demand incubation services can offer tangible resources to mature your idea without spending your time. Thus, the startup founders are allowed to focus on product development.

Reduce Costs

Early-stage entrepreneurs tend to be on a tight schedule. The virtual incubator can save critical time from your already busy schedule and reduce the transportation costs.

Our Latest News

Read more about our latest news posts and be up to date with the latest funding opportunities!

The YESS Summer School Bari, Italy (July 2019, 15th – 26th)

After the successful event “Mobilizing the Start-up Ecosystem of Epirus” (Ioannina, April 3rd) and YESS Startup Bootcamp (Ioannina, May 11th – 19th), the […]

Selection Results of the Greek Candidates for the YESS Summer School!

  Announcement The Interreg YESS consortium would like to thank you for your interest in the  YESS – Young Entrepreneurship Startup School Project! […]

Applications for the YESS Summer School

Hurry up! Applications for the YESS Summer School in Italy are now open!

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Where we target

The YESS incubation targets to inspire the youth with the entrepreneurship spirit and create, mature and scale their ideas.


Pre-Seed Startups

We want to help startups at pre-seed & pre-incubation level to validate their ideas!


Seed Startups

We help established startups to scale and to expand in Italy & Greece, reducing their risk of failure!


U-21 Youth

We want to inspire youth with entrepreneurship spirit to mature their ideas and establish their startup!

For this purpose we will target in three different categories of beneficiaries: a) U-21 Youth where with summer schools and business game competitions we will try to inspire them to initiate a startup b) Startups at pre-seed level that want to validate their idea to the market in order to receive feedback and create a marketable product. We will help them with mentoring and extensive training to mature their idea so that it can be presented in front of investors. c) Seed Level startups. Startups at this stage that want to scale, can benefit with key networking in both Italy & Greece and from the YESS Innovation Funding Network where can seek for investors for next stages from both countries.

Get involved!

Do you want to create a startup that will scale and raise funds? We want to listen your idea!