As the coronovirus spreading has introduced uncertainty on next steps for many people we decided to adapt the entry procedure to our incubator.

Now, we introduce an ‘open‘ call with specific cut-off dates.

Next cut-off date: March 14, 2021

Call for innovative business ideas

The projects selected in the previous step will be admitted to a mentoring, coaching, training, guidance and networking activity that will start approximately within 15 days after the conclusion of Step 1. The services will be structured according to a non-continuous timetable and will be offered mostly virtually through a specially developed platform. The schedule of activities will be announced in time to the beneficiaries. The outcome of the evaluation phase will be announced by e-mail to the contact person of each applicant/project and will be available on the project website ( and the YESS Facebook Page (

How to Participate

The submitted ideas should be characterized by significant innovation content: product, service, process, and organizational model must be original, must be traced back – under penalty of exclusion- to the ability and skills of the proposers , must be able to generate a positive change in 2 the local social economic system and/or economic growth, direct or indirect, always in a perspective and on medium-long terms. The project must therefore be presented in its own creative form, but contain – albeit in a descriptive form – the elements necessary to deal with the phase of business plan definition.

Young entrepreneurs need to be able to:

  • Describe their project with indications of development time; 
  • Indicate what type of value will be created in economic terms and if possible, give a quantitative idea;
  • To draw a picture of the economic needs required for start-up and then the cost-cutting process that follows

Who can Participate

Proposals can be submitted by:

  • Informal groups consisting of at least two individuals, older than 16 years old, who want to start a new innovative company with legal and/or operational headquarters in Puglia Region or in the Greek Regions of Epirus, Ionian Islands and Western Greece;


  • Companies already constituted and registered at the relative Chamber of Commerce of the regions above.

To participate, proposers must meet the following requirements: 

  • Have not received and subsequently not refunded or deposited in a locked aid account on which a recovery order hangs, following an earlier decision by the European Commission to declare aid illegal and in common;

Submit your Innovative Business Idea

For any further information applicants can contact Mrs. Konstantina Christogeorgou by sending an e-mail to the following address: