14/02/2020 – 31/03/2020

Call for innovative business ideas

The projects selected in the previous step will be admitted to a mentoring, coaching, training, guidance and networking activity that will start approximately within 15 days after the conclusion of Step 1 and will end indicatively in May 2020 (period could be further extended). The services will be structured according to a non-continuous timetable and will be offered mostly virtually through a specially developed platform. The schedule of activities will be announced in time to the beneficiaries. The outcome of the evaluation phase will be announced by e-mail to the contact person of each applicant/project and will be available on the project website ( and the YESS Facebook Page (

How to Participate

The submitted ideas should be characterized by significant innovation content: product, service, process, and organizational model must be original, must be traced back – under penalty of exclusion- to the ability and skills of the proposers , must be able to generate a positive change in 2 the local social economic system and/or economic growth, direct or indirect, always in a perspective and on medium-long terms. The project must therefore be presented in its own creative form, but contain – albeit in a descriptive form – the elements necessary to deal with the phase of business plan definition.

Young entrepreneurs need to be able to:

  • Describe their project with indications of development time; 
  • Indicate what type of value will be created in economic terms and if possible, give a quantitative idea;
  • To draw a picture of the economic needs required for start-up and then the cost-cutting process that follows

Who can Participate

Proposals can be submitted by:

  • Informal groups consisting of at least two individuals, older than 16 years old, who want to start a new innovative company with legal and/or operational headquarters in Puglia Region or in the Greek Regions of Epirus, Ionian Islands and Western Greece;


  • Companies already constituted and registered at the relative Chamber of Commerce of the regions above.

To participate, proposers must meet the following requirements: 

  • Have not received and subsequently not refunded or deposited in a locked aid account on which a recovery order hangs, following an earlier decision by the European Commission to declare aid illegal and in common;

Submit your Innovative Business Idea

For any further information applicants can contact Mrs. Konstantina Christogeorgou by sending an e-mail to the following address: