15-26 JULY 2019, BARI - ITALY

After the successful event “Mobilizing the Start-up Ecosystem of Epirus” (Ioannina, April 3rd) and YESS Startup Bootcamp (Ioannina, May 11th – 19th), the Interreg YESS Project (http://interregyess.eu) intends to transfer knowledge and best practices to young people in order to provide the useful tips and to spark challenges on developing business ideas.

The YESS Summer School (July 2019, 15th – 26th) is a unique opportunity where you will meet in BARI (ITALY) professionals, businessmen and academics that will help you to figure out how to innovate in the fields of Blue Growth, Design, e-Health, Tourism, Social Innovation and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). If you are young (18-22 years), YESS Summer School will be a great chance to discover how innovative ideas are changing the world and it will be completely free!

Details of YESS Summer School

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The YESS Project aims to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in young people and the creation of new businesses in order to increase support for economic development of the Greece-Italy Cross Border Area.

The project wants to enhance competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises active in the design, blue growth, tourism and e-health sectors.

The YESS Summer School aims at increasing the awareness of young people about entrepreneurship and innovation, by stimulating, at the same time, their attitudes, consciousness, critical thinking creativity, innovation, crossborder collaboration, and improving their knowledge and skills, to create a dynamic and prolific environment.

With this in mind, the YESS Summer School has the objective to build innovative knowledge and skills about mentioned subjects, and facilitate fruitful cultural exchanges among a variety of actors coming from different areas, including representatives from the academia, the public and private sectors, but also potential funders and investors.

The programme focuses on the following topics:

  • Digital transformation: tools and strategy
  • Big Data, Open Data & Analytics
  • Innovation: Management & Strategy
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing

Participation in the YESS Summer School is free.

The organizers will offer:

  • Accommodation, only in case of participants located over 50 km from Bari
  • Lunch
  • Dinner (only for participants that will be hosted in A.DI.S.U buildings)
  • Local transports for YESS activities from A.DI.S.U. buildings and Uni.Versus CSEI (only for the participants residing in Bari)
  • Consumables
  • Transportation costs from Ioannina to Bari, for Greek participants.

Organization will not cover other costs than those listed above.

The YESS Summer School will last twelve days (July 2019, 15th – 26th) and foresees the combination of innovative teaching methods and interactive workshop classes. At the end of the YESS Summer School, the last day will be dedicated to students and presentations of their business ideas in front of an audience of experts in the fields of Blue Growth, Design, e-Health, Tourism, Social Innovation and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The detailed training programme is shown below in this page.

Classes will be held at Uni.Versus CSEI and in A.DI.S.U. buildings in Bari, Italy. More details can be found on the google maps below.


The Summer School is open to 20 Young people from 18 to 22 years old, equally shared from Italy and Greece. The applicants must hold an adequate level of English proficiency.


All applicants are invited to provide the information required in the application form (Annex 3).

In addition they have to provide:

  • copy of ID card or passport,
  • CV signed,
  • a motivation letter (Annex 4),
  • copy of English language knowledge certificate (if available).

The candidates should fill in the attached application form, and send it with all relevant attachments to

  • miccoli@universus.it (Italian applicants)
  • amavrom@cc.uoi.gr (Greek applicants)

with the following subject: “APPLICATION TO YESS SUMMER SCHOOL”.

Applications for admission must be submitted within 12.00h, June 20, 2019.


The selection will be carried out by a Commission made by at least three experts from the participating organisations.


The Commission will evaluate the profile and motivation letter and of each candidate (evaluation can  reach a maximum of 30 points).

In order to guarantee the equal representation of both countries, the top 10 Italian and the top 10 Greek candidates will be eligible to participate. The selection will also consider gender balance.

In case of candidates with equal evaluation, the Commission will award the youngest candidate.

The list of selected participants will be published on the website www.universus.it and of the YESS project http://interregyess.eu, on June 26th, 2019. Selected applicants will be also notified with an email.


Selected applicants must provide, not later than July 3, 2019 the filled-in and signed acceptance form (Annex 5) to:

  • miccoli@universus.it (Italian applicants)
  • amavrom@cc.uoi.gr (Greek applicants)

with the following subject: “ACCEPTANCE YESS SUMMER SCHOOL”.

A participation certificate will be obtained only if the participant attends least 85% of the YESS Summer School.

In case of renunciation of participation before the start of the Summer School, candidates must promptly notify the organization (at the following email address: s.miccoli@universus.it and to amavrom@cc.uoi.gr).

The personal data that will come into possession of Universus CSEI, as a result of this Notice, will be processed in compliance with the legislation on the protection of privacy pursuant to Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016/679) Similarly, The personal data that will come into possession of University of Ioannina, as a result of this Notice, will be processed in compliance with the legislation on the protection of privacy pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016/679).

For more information, please visit our Project Page (https://yessincubation.eu/) or contact s.miccoli@universus.it and “amavrom@cc.uoi.gr”.


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There are four main locations where participants will visit and stay during the Interreg YESS Summer School.

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In case that you don’t know how to construct your CV you may follow the Europass CV Template and the corresponding guidelines.

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