We offer services in pre-seed level, to help you initiate, advance & become ready to pitch your idea in front of investors!

Maturing your idea

In this stage you receive feedback from experienced stakeholders from the market. You may need a small product-shift to be more fundable. We help to develop your Business Model Canvas and your business plan.

Test & Implementation

In this stage you develop your product and receive comments for improvement during your product development life-cycle. The market will tell you if they are going to pay for your product. You discover your unique selling point.

Pitch & Scale

We will assist you in creating a stunning pitch-deck. In case of early track of your users we will assist you in mapping the KPIs and will provide suggestions for strengthening your customer base. We will prepare pitch events inviting Business Angels and Investors.

Why should a STARTUP join the YESS Virtual Incubator platform?

Virtual Incubators offer significant advantages!



Free Training

Reduce costs

New Markets

Access to Funds

Services we offer

We will do anything in our power to reduce your risk of failure and make you succeed!


Your startup will have the unique opportunity to meet key experts, mentors, funds, youth talents and exporters in Greece, Italy and other countries to discuss about potential synergies.

Advance your skills!

The YESS Platform will provide hours of training in key issues like pitching, digital marketing, business development and other. There are going to be organized webinars & bootcamps!

Open a new market!

Due to the cross-border programme between Greece & Italy, YESS Platform will offer a unique opportunity to penetrate 2 markets (Greece & Italy) simultaneously.

You are not alone!

Our mentors have been entrepreneurs themselves and as such, have been able to challenge and help you further define your vision, strategy and roadmap.

Reduce your costs!

Early-stage entrepreneurs tend to be on a tight schedule. The virtual incubator can save critical time from your already busy schedule and reduce the transportation costs.

More product development

The on-demand incubation services can offer tangible resources to mature your idea without spending your time. Thus, the startup founders are allowed to focus on product development.


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