Design of Electronic Integrated Systems – Poliba Labs


  • Design of silicon detectors, sensors, mixed signal read-out circuits
  • Bio-sensors, IC electronics for Brain Machine Interface
  • Testing of analog/mixed-signal ICs and DfT
  • Implementation of Wireless Sensors Network
  • WSN for real-time environmental monitoring
  • Design of ERS MEMS Vibrational Electrostatic Energy Harvester
  • Design of Remotely Powered Wireless Systems
  • Design and Implementation of Bio-signal conditioning chains
  • Design of gain stages/filters/proper ADC selection
  • Low energy implementations
  • Interfacing/analysis of bio-signals by using FPGA
  • Fall Risk assessment/prevention
  • Gait Analysis Evaluation
  • Design and testing of algorithms for bio-signals analysis
  • EEG Event Related Potential monitoring
  • Movement Related Potentials extraction combined with EMG by FPGA

Multi-level optimization for Class-E PA

Offered Services

National and international research projects, gaining multidisciplinary background knowledge aiming  to import them to the field of applied electronics.

Contact Information

Contact Person : Associate Professor Daniela De Venuto
Telephone : +39 080 596 3582
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