High Voltage Lab (Dielectric Testing) – University of Patras

Department :Computer Engineering & Technology Electrical Engineering

Sector : High voltage systems, Dielectric conduct of insulated materials, Systems of reinforcement protection
Website: www.hvl.ece.upatras.gr

Offered Services

  • Measurements of dielectric stresses of insulating materials and devices
  • Studies and control of the insulation capacity of high voltage equipment and systems
  • Studies and control of lightning protection systems
  • More specifically:
    • Dielectric stresses in alternating and impulse voltages, low and medium voltage equipment
    • Dielectric tests on insulating liquids
    • Measurement of capacity and power losses (tanδ)
    • Partial Discharge Measures (PD)
    • Specialized lightning protection and earthing systems
    • Electrical Field Measurements in Voltage Insulated Chain.

Note: Tests are carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations

Contact Information

Contact Person : Prof. E. Pyrgiotis
Telephone : 2610-996448
Email : ye.pyrgioti@ece.upatras.gr