High Voltage Laboratory (Advanced Cold Plasma Production and Diagnostic Systems)

Department : Computer Engineering & Technology Electrical Engineering

Sector : Technology of cold plasma electrical exchanges
Website: www.hvl.ece.upatras.gr

Offered Services

  • Design and development of cold plasma generators of electric discharge (low / high pressure)
  • Design and development of cold discharge plasma power reactors (DC, AF, RF, MW, ECR)
  • Design and development of cold discharge diagnostics systems (electrical and optical methods)
  • Laboratory measurements, tests, tests and cold plasma analyzes (voltage, current, plasma, atomic emission spectroscopy, optical emission spectroscopy, etc.)
  • Provide consulting services and develop educational material on the above

Contact Information

Contact Person : Prof. P. Svarnas
Telephone : 2610 996417
Fax: 2610 997358
Email : svarnas@ece.upatras.gr